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Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (AICPE)

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Mission Statement

Based in the fashion capital Milan, and with a 20 year experience in the United States, our practice is strongly focused on aesthetics and covers both medical and surgical aspects of the field. In cooperation with specialists from Italy and abroad, our team is a leader in the discipline, optimizing technical/scientific quality and clinical safety.

Our goal is to give our patients the same excellence of care and range of treatment choices as compared to what is now available in the USA in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A 360° approach allows a synergistic integration of less invasive procedures and still obtain the best and most durable results. With our command of many diverse techniques we can customize the correct protocol for any single patient, starting with the most advanced Aesthetic Medicine, because every patient is unique.

The final result must always be aimed at proportion, harmony and a natural look which never appears artificial.

Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

• Computer Imaging
• Male Aesthetic Surgery
• Botulinum Treatments
• Fillers
• Peels
• Fat Grafting

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

• Endoscopic Facelift
• Eyelid Surgery, Face&neck Rejuvenation
• Profiloplasty
• Nose Surgery and Septoplasty
• Cheekbones and Chin Aesthetic Surgery
• Otoplasty

Breast and Body Contouring

• Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast: Augmentation, Lift, Reduction
• Body Contouring and liposuction
• Thigh lift
• Vulvoplasty
• Gluteal Enhancement
• Laser Surgery
• Abdominoplasty
• Skin lesions and scar revisions


Dr. Allegra graduated in Medicine in his hometown Florence in 1983. Although he was accepted into the prestigious residency program in Plastic Surgery at the University of Padua, he moved to the United States for a year of research at the University of California-San Francisco and the following surgical training. He completed the residency program in Surgery, at the University of MO-Columbia, Plastic Surgery, at the University of Rochester, NY, and Craniofacial Surgery, at the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, TX (Founded and directed by Dr. K. E. Salyer, MD, one of the best known plastic surgeons in the world).

He obtained Board Certifications in both Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He has been in private practice since 1995. His interests have been fully focused on all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery. He has practiced in Chicago and in Dallas, where he was called back in 1999 by Dr. Salyer, to direct the Centre for Aesthetic Surgery at the International Craniofacial Institute.

In 2001, he decided to bring the American approach to Italy and open his own office in downtown Milan. He has been a member of the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons and is currently voting member of the Italian Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AICPE).

Academically, Dr. Allegra has contributed to the scientific surgical literature and has been a speaker at several congresses in the U.S.A and in Italy. In Padua, he is an Instructor in Aesthetic Surgery for the Master Courses in Aesthetic Surgery for Plastic Surgeons, organized by the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Padua, and teaches aesthetic surgery at the Residency School in Plastic Surgery of the University of L’Aquila. He is also a Lecturer at the post-graduate school in Orthodontics at the University of Ferrara

His professional experience extends to the specialized field of Aesthetic Surgery of the male patient, and he is the consulting plastic surgeon for For Men magazine.

He is regularly invited in the U.S.A. and in U.A.E. for lectures and operations. 

Costs and Guidelines 

Costs are in line with the current prices in this geographical area for the same level of quality and experience. Differences in the costs might be confusing to the public and difficult to read. Here are some useful guidelines to choose the right doctor for you.

First of all costs depend on the diagnosis and therefore the complexity of the treatment. Quality of materials and of the surgical facilities are other critically important variables of the equation. Paradoxically the team’s experience although is the fundamental element in providing excellence of results in a competing free market contributes little in elevating costs.

On the other hand, the contrary is true: the unexperienced or unqualified can only compete on costs, certainly not on quality, years of experience and accreditations. Beware, therefore, of the lowest prices, because they most often hide shortcuts in quality and safety, with serious risks to the patient.

Be also diffident when various professionals suggest you significantly different treatments. Although we work in a “frivolous” field of medicine, there are serious clinical protocols and the well being of a patient is not a variable personal opinion.

If you wish to get accurate information on the single therapy or procedure we recommend the official website of our society, the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, at www.plasticsurgery.org. 

The Anti-Aging Circle

The circle represents our exclusive interdisciplinary team of specialists.

The circle symbolizes our 360° degrees approach to a complete psyco-physical well being which adds quality and only secondarily years to life.

Staying youthful means staying healthy. Let’s face it, we do not fear aging per se but the progressive physical and mental deterioration which at the present times come with it. Age is an addition to our lives. The real enemies are the pathologies coming with it.

Finally, the circle represents the virtuous circle we trigger “inside-out” when we feel younger because we live healthy, we eat well, feel energetic and happier...and “outside-in” when the quality and appearance of our skin and body improves our self-confidence and the quality of our relation with others.

The word anti-aging is fashionable now, everywhere in the press and media. Beware of false “experts” and of commercial franchises with glossy ads.

Dr. Allegra has been involved with the science of anti-aging since the first half of the ‘90s. Besides his natural inclination coming with his specialty as and aesthetic surgeon, he was already attending the very first international congresses in Anti-aging medicine, including the Chicago Meeting in 2000.

During his direction of the Aesthetic Surgery division at the Salyer Group in Dallas, he included members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine into his team.

His clinical experience continues successfully in Italy, integrating the most effective rejuvenation techniques in medicine and aesthetic surgery. 


Centre of excellence  for The Aesthetics of the Gluteal Region

Gluteal aesthetics has gained increasing popularity and curiosity. Compared to breast surgery, men are also among the interested candidates: everybody likes to look good in a pair of jeans.

Over the past decade, we have seen a tremendous improvement of the know-how, surgical techniques and quality of technologies, up to the present level of excellence. However, we also have assisted to the introduction of misleading term such as “Brazilian LIFT” (it’s NOT a lift), and other questionable “options” offered for mere commercial purposes to an increasingly confused public.

The public confusion has been compounded by unethical “operators” who prefer to recommend the only procedure they know (although wrong on that particular patient), anything not to “lose the business”, or to discourage the same patient rather than referring her/him to an expert.

The good news is that today Plastic Surgery can offer a lot of quality in terms of results and safety, once the specialist masters the intricacies of all the different parts of the puzzle of this fascinating anatomical region (for both women and men).
The gluteal region and the waistline include in fact several “aesthetic sub-units”, each requiring different approaches in order to achieve the optimal balance of shape and proportions.

Silhouette, anatomical structure, volume, feel to palpation, possible skin excess (and sagging), all have different implications and often require a combination of protocols. It’s NOT true that fat transfer substitutes the need of implants, or liposuction. Each procedure is complementary to the other, in adjacent but different anatomical planes.

Only with an individualized clinical exam in person and precise definition of the aesthetic goals on every single patient, the Plastic Surgeon will be able to define the perfect approach for you, because each person is unique!
In expert hands, gluteal augmentation is an operation in day-surgery. You can sit after a couple of hours, generally do not need drains, and you can be back to normal physical activity in the gym after one month.

It’s critical however to spend time to look for the real expert, because the difference between an excellent result and disaster will depend on your wise search for the specialist (in Plastic Surgery!) with the necessary knowledge and experience, without the useless (if not outright dangerous) shortcuts, “tricks” and “terminological acrobatics” of false experts. 

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